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What do you Keep in your Bunn Coffee Dispenser?

Fast food restaurants have the tradition of serving their patrons, but allowing them to get their own drinks in the self service area. You’ll find an ice machine hooked up to a soda dispenser, but you’ll also find Bunn Coffee Dispensers right between the soda machine and the condiments.

These dispensers will usually have tea inside of them, a small handwritten note displaying whether they have sweetened or unsweetened on tap. In many places in the South, you’ll see both types of tea – there’s just a certain magic to sweet tea in the South (that much sugar can do incredible things).

Now, as you now, we’re in favor of restaurants experimenting with flavors and ideas that help them stand out. Knowing that most restaurants put the regular tea on display gives the more adventurous operators to put something different into their Bunn Coffee Dispensers.

For example, Panera Bread has different types of tea that it offers its patrons. QuikTrip brings mango tea to its convenience store diners. There varieties of tea make it one of the most consumed beverages in the world (behind water).

If you’re feeling a bit of edge, why not put some Kombucha tea into the mix? Perhaps something that goes beyond the jasmine and the green? That might just be the inspiration to your customers that makes your restaurant a local star.

2015-09-02 00:00:00
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