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What do Islamic Restaurants Serve during Ramadan?

It’s that time. No, not the time where you hope and pray that your air conditioning unit holds out for another day. No, we’re talking about the final week of Ramadan. At the end of it, there is going to be a giant party, but what do celebrants eat that will hold them throughout the day?

Suhoor, the pre-dawn breakfast meal, can be amazingly diverse. One can have lentils and more, and it’s suggested that if you’re fasting that you should have lots of proteins and get something that will fill you up as much as possible. Because of the fasting, one becomes more mindful of the food that one is eating.

A lot of times, the people in the kitchen eat leftovers from the night before for their morning meal. For these times, it might be best to take out the stock pot or the huge burners to create delicacies that can last for hours, so that one might have something that sustains. A pot of beans won’t steer folks wrong.

No matter whether you’re fasting or not, it’s always best to have the right restaurant equipment and supplies on your side. After all, it’s necessary to cook for the party that you might have that night, after the day is done. We would love to hear more about the commercial restaurant supplies that you choose if you have a restaurant during Ramadan.

2015-07-16 00:00:00
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