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Water-Cooled vs. Air-Cooled Ice Machines

Here at restaurant supply, we definitely know the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled ice machines, but we realize that the difference is not always so obvious for

Air-cooled ice machines use an electric fan to transfer heat out of the machine, while water-cooled ice machines use water to rid itself of the heat. For air-cooled ice machines,
air runs through the condenser coils and is expelled out of the vents on the side or back of the machine. On the other hand, in water-cooled ice machines, the condenser coils release
heat into the water coils and then the water and the internal heat drains out of the machine. Each machine has its pros and cons and we’re here to tell you them:

Air-Cooled Ice Machines:
- Cheaper to operate in most location
- More energy efficient
- Works best in cool environments
- Pulls in air bringing in contaminants

Water-Cooled Ice Machines:
- Used in difficult to control temperature areas
- Uses significant amount of water to produce ice
- Best to use if you have a recirculating water-system

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