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Waffle House Employees Caught Hairdressing At The Grill

Restaurant equipment should be used to … well, cook food. Employees at a Waffle House in Arkansas had other ideas about what they should be using their equipment for. Namely, a video that’s gone viral shows Waffle House employees using one of the pots to fix hair.

“I just got out my phone and I just started to record,” said one of the customers. “I just thought it was nasty and I needed to let somebody see this.”

One coworker dipped their head down into the pot of water while the other one wrapped her hair in a towel afterward. It’s just not something that one expects to see in the local Waffle House.

A spokesman for Waffle House told the local news station, “We were made aware of this via a Facebook Private message this morning. We immediately reached out to the local management team. After identifying the parties involved, they were immediately terminated. The health department has been out to the restaurant for an inspection which it passed and they have closed the case. We do not tolerate these behaviors and strive to provide a clean, safe environment for all our customers.”

Wow, just wow. If there hasn’t been already, we fully expect to hear about a revision made to the Waffle House employee handbook specifically banning this type of use of restaurant equipment.

2016-01-20 00:00:00
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