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Vollrath Pans are Essential for Hospital Cafeterias

Vollrath pans were stacked, rack upon rack, waiting to be deployed to the rooms. There was a young woman taking inventory, comparing each plate to the clipboard in her hand. A charged energy was in the air while preparations were made.

One might think that this was a four star hotel getting ready for the room service orders of the day. It’s not that glamorous, but in fact it’s more important. These people were getting the food ready to ‘launch’ from a hospital cafeteria.

The cafeteria workers are faced with two challenges. The first is the ordinary challenge that every cafeteria faces – take care of those who are directly in front of you, the souls who have trudged in from the dark. The second is the same one that a hotel faces… getting the food, the right food, up to the rooms.

You can count on the presence of the Vollrath pans – there’s nothing as sturdy so they’re used industry-wide. You can also find a spoodle or two in the kitchen (they were serving some delicious beef stroganoff that day), and more restaurant supplies that make the whole experience easier for all.

Hospital kitchen workers have a lot of stresses – getting the balance of walk-ins and already-theres takes a lot of coordination, and they do it every single day.

2016-01-15 00:00:00
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