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Utilizing the Beauty of Fall Leaves


Parts of the country are beginning to witness the magical/ mystical event that is fall. With this comes the beauty that is crisp air, fresh apples and the color charing of the leaves. The mountain communities start to be sanctuaries for many and the seasonal restaurants in various areas begin to come alive and flourish!

Perhaps it is the warm feeling these establishments are able to portray or perhaps it is the simple truth that they are in the right place at the right time. But, one thing for certain is that these establishments use all of their resources responsibly and to the best of their abilities. They are not afraid to be bold, take chances and be daring when it comes to using unique ingredients that may seem strange to some of us.

One of the more daring items chefs in the perspective areas have been using, that can easily be found in your back yard are leaves. Yes, an item that most of us would walk by and never think to use in the dishes we prepare. The glory with working with leaves is that if the recipe does not come out perfectly the first time, you have a plethora of ingredients.

One of the most tasty dishes you can produce using leaves is broth, along with water, spices, moss and leaves (stems removed) you simmer the mixture together allowing the aromas and flavors to come full circle. The broth allows numerous flavors to come forward on the palate and accompanies items such as mushrooms, squash and root vegetables perfectly. Dishes like these, even if in a city will sure to please your guests palates and increase your bottom line.

Below please find a simple take on this idea - we hope you enjoy!


- 1 pound of high quality, fresh mushrooms, different flavors are best
- 4 cups of water
- 1/2 cup of clean moss ( make sure it is an edible variety in your region)
- 1 full cup of autumn leaves


- Place the mushrooms in a heatproof container and pour the water over them. Close the lid tightly and steam for 25 minutes ( steam should be at 200°F).
- Meanwhile, put the moss, the old leave and 2 cups of fresh leaves in a glass teapot ( or coffee pot - it’s nice to be able to see what is happening, so anything that is clear and heatproof will work)
- Once mushrooms are cooked and water has been stepped remove both from heat ( both should cook for 20 - 30 minutes )
- Adjust the salt if you wish, and immediately strain the hot liquid over the contents of the pot and leave the infuse for about 3 minutes.
- Arrange some fresh autumn leaves in soup bowls, and pour the hot aromatic broth over them, preferably in from of the diner.

Note on Leaves: we highly suggest that you collect leaves that are already clean. For this year’s leaves, you need to gather the top layer of the leaf covering on the woodland floor, any moss used must not have soil attached or will not allow for the true flavors to come through.

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