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Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Strengthen your bond with loyal customers, and increase engagement with potential new customers using simple tools on Instagram. Use the following tips to effectively market your restaurant and increase your customer flow through the use of the app.

Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

As you may be aware, Instagram has recently changed it’s algorithm. What this means for your restaurant is that simply posting to your page a few times a week is no longer enough. The way Instagram is used to be effective has shifted, and now it is all about engagement. Increasing your engagement will draw more attention to whatever you’ve posted, via the algorithm. The more people like and comment on the post, the more people will see the post. The less people that engage with it, the less it will be seen. You can increase engagement to your page by replying to customers’ comments, posting more Instagram stories, adding to your “highlights” section, and responding quickly to Direct Messages.

Change Out the Link in Your Bio

You’ll see a lot of captions with “link in bio,” these days. The great thing about the editable link in your bio section is that you can change it out every single day to reflect whatever you’re posting about. If you are discussing a new menu item, link it back to the menu in your bio. If you’ve made a happy hour post, direct customers right to your happy hour menu. This simple tool increases customer engagement, and keeps everyone in the know of events and happenings at your restaurant.

Cross Promote Bloggers & Other Businesses

Simply put, help me help you! Make sure you’re tagging all appropriate parties when making a post, as well as cross-promoting other restaurants and bloggers. The re-post tool on certain apps is a great way to cross-promote other business, who will hopefully return the favor. Make sure you’re reposting user photos as well, as this will not only encourage users to post more, but will add to the flavor and aesthetic of your page.

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