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Use Blodgett for Big Braising

Having the right restaurant equipment in your kitchen is crucial to making the best dishes. You might have a huge pot for soup, but what about braising your meat for chili or for stew? Those folks who need to do large-volume braising turn to Blodgett braising pans.

Think about these pans as some of the most versatile pans in your kitchen arsenal. You can take care of several pounds of meat, or make sure and make sure that hamburger is browned to perfection before building the chili. You can take large volumes of stew and cook it all at once.

Braising is a two step process. You sear it, then you cook your meat in liquid for a long time. This is perfect for stews and other foods that you want to get all of the juices come out into the water. Slow cooked proper chili requires that you use the braising technique.

The stainless steel Blodgett braising pans are easy to work with, as they’re gas powered. These pans are also easy to clean. The key is to look for the right size to really make it happen.

There are several types of braising pans from which to choose for your commercial kitchen. You can start with 30 gallons, and go up from there. Try one soon to see how well they work.

2015-08-29 00:00:00
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