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Twisted Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can be boring (I’m sure we can all attest to that), but there are some great ways to add a twist to your drinks and keep them looking and tasting fresh for your customers. You can especially add this twist to a non-alcoholic drink to make it look and taste like it is. We’ve all craved a great, summer alcohol infused drink, but then looked at the clock to see it’s Monday at 1pm (so what do we do now?). Add ice cubes with fresh mint or fruit frozen inside of them to your drink for the ultimate twist!

If you’re craving a drink that tastes similar to something with gin, adding lemon, sage, and juniper berries to your ice cubes will give you that same taste without the alcohol. Break out your ice cube tray that takes up space in the back of your freezer and put these ingredients in for the perfect drink. Place these ice cubes in a glass and pour seltzer water over it, giving it the taste and feel of a gin infused drink, without the hangover! If you’re feeling especially bold and you’re done with your work for the day, actually add a splash of gin and kickback and relax!

Straying away from alcoholic drinks, you can use “coffee ice cubes” to keep your iced coffee from getting the watered down taste that effectively ruins your drink. You can use leftover coffee or brew a new batch, pour into your ice cube tray (you may want to have a separate ice cube tray just for this to avoid any lingering coffee taste in your actual ice), and freeze! 

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