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True Merchandizing Freezers

Even though you’ll see a lot of them in there, True merchandising freezers aren’t just for convenience store owners. In fact, you can use the freezers for much, much more. These commercial freezers fit well in any restaurant, but they also have the potential to do very well in restaurant and deli situations.

We love being able to see what’s in the freezer without having to open the doors. To be able to see the ice cream and the other goodies immediately saves time as well as energy.

One of the things that we particularly enjoy about the True GDM-23F-LD is that we don’t have to crouch down to get items from out of there. We don’t want to have to get a workout every time that we’re trying to get a tub of ice cream. The bright lighting makes everything easier to see.

If you’re feeling creative, the True merchandising freezer has modular shelving which allows you to move the shelves any way that you want. So, if you’re feeling like making a cute display for your foods, you’re more than welcome to.

If you’ve got ice cream, samples, vegetables, meats, and other foods which need to have the love of a commercial freezer, the True merchandising freezer really does the trick.

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