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Top Food Trends for 2015

Got your knives, spatulas, and spoodles?  It’s time to take on 2015 by storm!  There’s a whole wide world ahead that’s just waiting to be taken over by fun-loving passionate restauranteurs, caterers, food truck owners, and more.  Food, food, glorious food awaits us for the New Year!

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the food trends that are set to sweep over the US.  We’re seeing everything from crunchy insects to pea protein as being some of the hottest tickets coming our way.

Time’s Picks for 2015

Time Magazine has identified their top food trends in their article titled “Here are the only 6 food trends you need to know for 2015.”

  1. High Fat Foods – This signals a protest against the low fat this and the low fat that.  There are some places which are thriving by serving ‘normal’ fat things on the menu.
  2. Going Local with Meat – We’ve seen the rise of local raised meat and dairy in our restaurants, and Time expects that the trend is going to continue.
  3. Would You Like Insects? – You want to have some insects with your tacos?  They outnumber us a gazillion to one, after all… might as well eat them.

To read the other three trends that you need to know about, here is the full article.

Fox News’ Take on 2015

The folks at Fox News took aim at the food industry with their article titled, “5 food trends that are bound to bug you in 2015.”

  1. Paleo Dieting – Eating like cavemen is becoming more popular.  Lean meats, fresh veggies, nuts, and seeds are part of the paleo mindset.
  2. Do you want Ramen with that? – The ramen noodle has come a long way since the college days of five for a buck.  Apparently, you can make burgers out of ramen noodles.
  3. Smoked foods – Have you got yourself a commercial meat smoker?  That’s becoming one of the hottest trends for the kitchen.  Will it bug you?  We don’t know.

For the other trends that you might be bugged by, click here for the complete article.

Bon Appetit’s list

Bon Appetit takes a more focused, foodie view of the culinary landscape with their article titled, “13 Food World Predictions for 2015 from Andrew Knowlton.”

  1. Gyros – We’re in love with gyros, and have been since the early-to-mid 80’s.  It’s good to see that they’re finally catching on in more culinary circles.
  2. Nitrogen Infused Coffee – Nitro coffee is coffee infused with nitrogen, something that will make a deliciously different drink.  Apparently, it concentrates the caffeine, as well.
  3. Bacalao – This fish is taking the foodie world by storm with its delicate flavors and chewy texture.  Mr. Knowlton believes that it will start showing up on menus everywhere.

For the other 10 predictions that Andrew Knowlton has or to enjoy other delicious recipe ideas, click here for the complete article.

Do you have your own set of predictions for the New Year’s trends in food?  Would you like to start one of your own? We’re all ears here on the Restaurant Supply Blog.

BTW, special thanks go out to the USDA on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of the photo.

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