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Top Cupcake Bakeries in the US

Cooking and baking shows have taken their rightful spot on the television landscape.  There are cooking shows for all kinds of cuisines, from sandwiches to haute cuisine to unadulterated extreme eating.  We love the fact that Cupcake Wars has elevated the humble cupcake to delicious proportions.  We’re going to talk about the top 5 cupcake bakeries in the US.

Now, we would love to be able to tour the country and take a survey of the best cupcakes in the land.  Traveling from town to town, evaluating the cupcakes from every city sounds like a dream come true.  Our waistlines would hate us after a while, though.  So, we leave the cupcake delight to all of those who have better metabolisms than us.

The top 5 cupcake bakeries, according to The Daily Meal are:

Billy’s Bakery in New York City

Two friends got together in 2003 and started a cupcake empire that was saturated with 1940’s style and class.  The smells of the bakery bring that “delightful, warm feeling of Grandma’s kitchen.”

Buttermilk Bakeshop in Brooklyn

Everything is created from scratch at the Buttermilk Bakeshop, just like it’s meant to be.  “We believe in the pleasure of a warm chocolate chip cookie, the magic in frosting a freshly baked cake, and the love of a perfectly salted caramel.”

Red Velvet Cupcakery in Washington, DC

“Our staff consists of trained pastry chefs who infuse their artistry to each cupcake.  We believe in raising the standard by which people judge the quality of their food, in particular, cupcakes.”  We couldn’t have said it better, ourselves.

Molly’s Cupcakes in Chicago, IL

The folks at Molly’s have been featured on Cupcake Wars and several other places.  “We bake our cupcakes from scratch in small batches every day and throughout the day.  That way, we can make sure that every cupcake comes out right.”

Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia, PA

“It’s pretty simple, really.  We founded Whipped Bakeshop because we wanted to make amazing desserts worthy of life’s biggest milestones, and we wanted to have fun doing it.  In other words, we wanted to be happy, and to make other people happy too.

What all of these fantastic cupcakeries speak to is the dedication to pursuing excellence and to providing the most decadent and soulful cupcake eating experience.  To make that easier, one needs to have the best baker’s ovens and restaurant equipment available… once the tools are in place, the art is easier expressed.

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