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Top 5 Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2016

Restaurants business is all about anticipating your customer's needs before they even know what they want. Here are some of the most in demand trends so far this year, according to Baum + Whiteman:

1/ Uber type delivery service. In the digital age, customers want speed and convenience, and often that means service that comes to you. Whether it's through a delivery partner or an innovative app, restaurants are finding ways to cater to their consumer base through delivery

2/ Clean food. Less is more. Kale is still king. And chemicals are out. Customers want to connect to their food and feel they are eating ethically sourced and pronounceable ingredients. Fast food is particularly impacted by this trend, but it is a great asset to local companies who work with local partners to source fresh ingredients.

3/ Pasta is trending... down! Carb heavy and delicious, pasta is striking out with health conscious diners. Although Americans are still plating up more spaghetti then Europeans, sales of pasta are down across the board.

4/ Vegetables are trending... up! A high cost of animal protein and a focus on healthy foods means that vegetables are less side dish and more center plate in 2016. This broad category is blossoming into its own in a variety of creative ways with chefs across the country.

5/ Raise prices... raise wages? The debate rages on. Whether it's arguing a $15 minimum wage or eliminating the tipping system entirely, this is a tricky balancing act to strike between the restaurant and the consumer. Don't expect this complex issue to go away, anytime soon.

2016-04-20 00:00:00
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