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Today is Crab Newburg Day

There is always something to celebrate over here at Restaurant Supply, and today is no different.  Today is Crab Newburg day, which gives you the perfect opportunity to try out your seafood cooking skills on your commercial range top.

Crab Newburg is sometimes served over rice, toast points, or patty shells.  It’s a creamy dish with onion, butter, flour, milk and sherry or Madeira.  For those seafood-loving restaurateurs, this might be a great chance to cook something different as the daily special.

  • Crab Newburg Recipe from
  • Crab Newburg Recipe from  This one doesn’t have the sherry in it, but looks delightful just the same.
  • Here’s another Crab Newburg Recipe.  This one is from Allrecipes.  Sour cream is added, and it has both dry sherry and grated Parmesan.

Commercial kitchens are great places to explore and expand your palate.  On those rare slow days, you might want to try out this seafood dish in the pan.  Tinkering this way can keep your creativity up after cooking the same things all the time. That passion that you have for cooking will eventually translate into profits.

We’re quite fond of the soups, sauces, stews, and stocks here.  The transformation that can take place as a sweet, buttery and creamy sauce is met with impeccably cooked goodness?  Irresistible.  That means that it’s time to please your patrons with something a little new, a little off the cuff.  Crab Newburg might just do the trick.

Our thanks go out to Cosmorama on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of the picture. Much appreciated!

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