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To Uber Eats or not to Uber Eats.

Have you ever considered how to reach those individuals at home, who may not want to leave their homes, that do not have time to dine out or who are truly unable to leave home while taking care of their family? Well we may have discovered the answer for you, Uber Eats! With the service customers are able to order the food they want form you, the restaurant that they love and delivered to them at Uber speed.

Uber Eats allows user to use their app, now available on iOS and Android to order their desired food with a click of a button, seven days a week ( or whenever your normal hours of operation are). Over the past year Uber has been working tirelessly to bring the best food directly to customers, allowing them the opportunity to order as frequently as they want. The service has expanded their delivery distances to reach new customers and allows great food to be paired with excellent and reliable service which people have learned to know and expect from Uber.

Restaurants using the service have quickly come to see that customers love having the ability to place their food order on their phone and then follow along while your meal comes to you. The days of order soggy pizza are long gone, with Uber Eats consumers are able to eat the way they truly want with out leaving the comforts of their own home and are “eating out,” more than ever.

Because, there is no minimum to order through Uber Eats you are able to reach a consumer base that may be willing to purchase a $15 appetizer at home but, may feel judged if only ordering that in your establishment. This allows your customer to truly enjoy their meal, no matter what it is they order and be 100% satisfied knowing they were in control of the order and were not pressured into ordering an extra cocktail or appetizer.

We recommend trying the service, it never hurts to grow your bottom line and hosts the potential to grow your customer base. The service shows all the restaurants available in the area when customers order so you have the opportunity to earn business when clients may not have even of been thinking of you.

We hope you enjoy the service and find it useful!

2016-10-26 00:00:00
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