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Tips to a healthy work/ life balance

Being in the hospitality industry we know the curse of a long hours, spending more time at work than at home. Typically small business owners spend 65 hours or more a week keeping their business running properly and to standards. Most owners/managers feel as though they are perpetually racing against the clock to do all they need to accomplish and most have a looming feeling that there are not enough hours in the week. This underlying stress causes most owners/managers to feel as though they do not have a work-life balance and a balanced life is an illusion.

This illusion can translate into a hatred towards the work place and typically causes break down and the need to take exuberant amounts of time off away from the business. Because most hospitality professionals tend to be extreme protectionist it becomes increasingly difficult for owners/ managers to spend time away from the business and learn simple time management skills that offer a balances between work and life.

There are however tips that we have found to be extremely helpful in creating a lifestyle that is conducive happiness! Keep these tips in mind if ever you find yourself stressed and spending too much time at work.

1- Scheduling - Scheduling properly is a huge proponent in running a successful operation. We tend to say scheduling two weeks in advance is an adequate amount of time to schedule properly and make any changes if needed. If you do not use a scheduling tool already, we recommend trying HotSchedules, the programing is easy, comprehensive and a wonderful tool to use.

2- Manage social media better- If your restaurant has a strong social media presence and you have a strong marketing team you will find your stress levels diminish. If customers view your establishment in a positive light you will have steady stream of customers continuously coming to your restaurant.

3- Ask for help- Many owners/ managers forget to ask for help, to ask for help with small tasks that can be done by an administrative assistant. Most forget that they did not go into business to do the books, do the marketing and miscellaneous paper work. Don’t be afraid to hire outside help and do not be ashamed to outsource tasks that you simply do not have time for.

There are of course many other ways to better your work/life balance, but know that you should always look to do the work that is only most important. Focus on building strong relationships with your customers and staff members and know that you are always able to manage your time that is best for you.

2017-08-02 00:00:00
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