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Tips for Superior Management


Superior restaurant managers, like any type of manager, are a rare breed. More often than not, you’ll find some who are great with numbers but not so good with people or vice versa. It takes a well-rounded individual to effectively run a busy restaurant. Here are some tips for the busy restaurant manager who’s just starting.

Fix Equipment Immediately

There are some pieces of equipment which are used on a daily basis. You might be thinking about the ovens, the stoves, or even the cake display. If you see anything wrong with your equipment, get it repaired. When it languishes or you allow your employees to limp by, morale drops.

And Any Other Duties As Needed

Every place that I’ve ever worked has this particular clause in the job description because the employer knows that unanticipated situations come up. You might need a driver, a dish washer, a bartender, or a server at a moment’s notice. A restaurant manager should be able to take care of business.

Dole Out Praise

How often have you had a manager that was very quick to talk with you if you’d done something wrong, but couldn’t be found when you’d done something right? Some employees will walk through fire just to hear a smattering of well-deserved praise. Show your respect, and your employees will show theirs in return.

Walk the Walk

Going along with the idea of ‘any other duties as needed,’ if you say that you have an open door policy, mean that you have an open door policy. That will go a long way toward earning the respect of your employees.

Be Welcoming

I’ve been to too many restaurants where I feel that the restaurant manager wants nothing to do with me as a customer. Customers make any business run, and if that customer feels that they’re not wanted in your establishment, they’ll gladly choose another restaurant.

Restaurant managers have to juggle front of the house, back of the house, and everything in between. If you’re not able to get a mentor, becoming an expert at running a restaurant is a matter of trial by fire. Do you have any tips for running a restaurant that you’d like to share?

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