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Tips for Crafting the Perfect Summer Salad

We all know what its like having the best intentions walking into a restaurant, with our minds made up that we will order that salad and we will stick to that diet. But, too many times it seems that as soon as our eye browse the menu and see the delicious entrees coming from the kitchen we loose sight to our goal, to eat a breathtaking salad that is filled with flavor and quality ingredients.

What if we could developed the key elements to producing the perfect salad, one that becomes a super stars that ever guest must have. A salad that lacks tasteless ingredients and wilted lettuce and entices guests palates with clean, crip and tantalizing flavors from local farmers and textures from exotic lands.

The first and possibly the most important element of crafting a vibrant salad is the lettuce, be it a nice summer mix, crisp romain or bibb, this first ingredient is the building block for the rest of your dish. Remember when choosing, different lettuce options not only allow you to build different flavor profiles, and certain lettuce are able to handle more toppings and and add ons. It has always been wise to build your and cost effective to play along with the season you are currently in and with the heat we have experiences lately, we know its summer. Most of our guest don’t want a heavy weighed down entree and may turn to a delicious salad that is full of vegetables, fruits and proteins.

One of our favorite salads to create is a mixture of mescaline green summer mix topped with : corn, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomato and radish. All items are fresh right now, and can be bought in most local farmers markets, with the exception of avocados. We see so many customers asking for avocados that it may be in your benefit to outsource this item and add the delicious berry to a variety of your salad offerings. It’s true shocking how much more likely clients are to order a salad with avocado than if it did not have the fruit.

Last, you need to find that go to salad dressing. It is so easy to over do it with the dressing, to bitter, too sweet, to tangy, the right dressing with add the perfect combination and allow all of the flavors to come together and truly be marvelous. For summer keep it simple, use olive oil, lemons, salt pepper and other spices to your liking. Simple is best and will allow all of your super star salad to come to life!

Enjoy, now go out there and have your chef make the best salad they can!

2016-08-18 00:00:00
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