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Throwback Thursday - Old School Ovens vs our Commercial Ranges

Technology doesn't always make life easier but - who are we kidding, yes it does! Particularly with cooking equipment, advances in tech have made life much easier for the modern chef. Wood fire ovens are still very much in vogue for pizza restaurants and certain bakers, but for the most part, chefs want speed, heat, and - most importantly - control, in order to ensure that every single entree is fired to perfection during dinner service.

wood burning oven

Here is a typical oven from back in the day before electricity. Large and bulky, this oven would serve the double purpose of heating the home and hearth as well as cooking the meal. Although it probably smelled wonderful, an oven such as this would not have the heating range or preciseness of modern day ranges which provides superior cooking.


Here, in contrast is a modern, top of the line Empura stove (available for purchase through our website). The large oven can be precisely heated and the many ranges on top provide a variety of options for a busy dinner service. Gas ranges, although not the most modern in technology, remain popular among chefs due to the precise temperature control which can be achieved over a gas flame, from low heat to high heat.

2016-07-01 00:00:00
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