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Throw Back Thursday - Vintage 60s Recipes

The 60s were an... interesting... time for American cuisine. The rise of modern technology, including the refrigerator, gave way to a plethora of 'scientific' foods created in labs - and brightly colored jello was considered both ultra modern, elegant, and appropriate for virtually any dish. Thankfully, we have learned from our mistakes and now jello is consigned to the dessert table (and often the kids table) but take a look at some of these monstrous main courses from back in the day:

ham and bananas

Ham and bananas! Ham. And. Bananas. Truly horrifying even before a creamy sauce is slathered on top.

festive chicken salad log

If it has four different sections, it has to be good right? ...wrong. Along with jello, the humble brick of cream cheese was put to some horrific uses in the '60s

hot orange cider

"I want a glass of hot orange cider," said no one, ever.

2016-05-20 00:00:00
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