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Thinking about opening a restaurant? Here's what to know before you sign the lease.

It's great to have a dream, but what does it take to capitalize on it? Below are some tips for first time restauranteurs from some of the best in the Industry. And of course, don't forget to get the best deals when you shop with Restaurant Supply! opening soon word under torn black sugar paper

1/ Don't go in underfunded. Restaurant legend Bobby Flay offers this as his number one tip for new time restaurant owners. "It takes twice as long and costs twice as much money as you think to build restaurant." Do your research and get the capital first, then build upon that.

2/ Trusts your instincts with design. Again- from Bobby Flay. Sticking with the designer's vision won't allow your own brand to shine through. Don't be afraid to offer your input and make sure your own execution is apparent in the restaurant concept.

3/ Listen to your staff and support them as they are supporting you. Your managers, chefs, servers, bartenders and baristas are the backbone of your business. Make sure you're accessible to them and listen to and value their input. They are onsite every day and will know your business like it's their business.

4/ Play to your own strengths. As the business owner, you'll be involved in every part of day to day operations. Don't be afraid to play to your strengths and delegate the rest. If marketing is your thing, then great. Otherwise hire a marketing firm. If you're great at numbers, then do your own book keeping. But make sure that you don't overtask yourself or underutilize your staff when you're planning your role in your own business.

5/ The right equipment changes everything. Having the correct tools is fundamental to running your business successfully. Make sure you invest in equipment that will last and is high quality. (and yes, we recommend you buy it from Restaurant Supply - of course!).

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