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Thinking About Offering All-Day-Dining? Here's Why You Should!

Brunch is an experience. 

The popularity of brunch, which is a meal typically eaten in the late morning that consists of breakfast and lunch options, shows that having the option to eat at off hours is significant to both diners and restaurants. 

Enter: the idea of all-day dining in restaurants.

All-day dining options are on the rise as consumers look to find a diverse range of experiences and places to hang out while they work or meet with friends.

Why All-Day Dining?

The reason for the increase in popularity of all-day dining is because of the economy, community, the love of breakfast food in the U.S., and the fact that diners want more control when it comes to their restaurant experiences.

According to the National Restaurant Association:

  • 45% of consumers want to be in more control of where and when they sit at restaurants. (source)
  • 3 out of 4 consumers would dine at off-peak times if given a discount. (source)

The point here is that more consumers want more control. And in my eyes, that means dining out when they want to.

Breakfast for Lunch or Dinner 

Meet diners where their demand lies! 7 out of 10 customers say they want restaurants to serve breakfast throughout the day.

In an interview with Eater, Bonnie Riggs, analyst at market research firm NPD Group, says that “breakfast is the only bright spot in the industry.” The firm also predicts the consumption of breakfast will increase by 5 % through 2019.

The Economy 

When it comes to work, it’s not a surprise that companies offer some type of work-from-home benefit. In addition, the "gig economy" is growing. The gig economy consists of companies hiring workers for short-term employment. According to LinkedIn43% of the workforce in the U.S. will be made up of freelancers in 2020.

Freelancers need a place to work - and working at a cafe or coffeeshop can be more productive than working at home, because productivity is contagious. So why not seek out an all-day restaurant to work, eat, drink coffee, and connect with others?


The idea of an all-day eatery is also about community. If you can go to a place with like-minded individuals working remotely, then you have opportunities to connect with them. Restaurant owners have opportunities to connect with the diner who comes in at off hours.

6 Examples of All-Day Dining 

Restaurants in major U.S. cities are opening up spots to serve guests all day. Here are six examples of restaurants offering all-day dining.


In an interview with Eater, Sara Kramer, co-chef and co-owner of all-day restaurant Kismet in Los Angeles, says, ”The slower moments when restaurants might normally be closed really allow us to foster a more community-oriented, slower-paced vibe with our customers.”

Alta CA

Daniel Patterson, owner of Alta CA, tells Eater that the all-day restaurant “gives more opportunity to connect with people in different ways.” Patterson is also the owner of Atla on Market Street. Atla CA is his second location.

Slightly Toasted

Eater reports that this bar that serves food opened in January 2017. The owners, Tyler Mendoza and Art Mendoza, wanted to make a shift from their fine-dining restaurants. The idea for the bar is that customers can work or socialize no matter the time of day.

The restaurant has favorable reviews, some of which note that wait staff is efficient and, speaking of breakfast food, the toasts are delicious.


This Denver eatery serves food (seen above) all day in a 3,400 square foot space, according to its website. The team at Brider serves food with made-from-scratch ingredients.  

Lunetta All Day

It’s in the name. This all-day eatery that serves sandwiches, baked goods and located in Los Angeles,  is a “casual modern diner,” according to the restaurant’s website.

City Mouse

The team who created the critically acclaimed restaurant Giant is now at the Ace Hotel Chicago with City Mouse. Ths all-day restaurant takes on a midwest theme with dishes like the Gas Station Sandwich.

Your Turn: Do a Local Search

To find all-day restaurants to dine in, consumers will most likely turn to local search. Restaurants serving food all day should optimize for local search, especially since 53% of consumers visit a business within 48 hours of search, according to new research by ReviewTrackers.

Most local searches are performed on mobile devices, according to the researchers, and millennials are 50% more likely to search locally when on the go.

If You Read One Section From This Article…

All-day dining is on the rise and consumers are looking for places they can grab breakfast for dinner and/or work from an eatery. 

According to LinkedIn, 43% of the workforce in the U.S. will be made up of freelancers in 2020. As the amount of freelance workers continues to increase, the amount of all-day restaurants will continue to increase as well.

For restaurant owners, all-day dining is chance to connect to the community and become the go-to spot. It gives the restaurant owner an opportunity to be creative with the type of experience he or she provides to customers - and maybe that’s an experience the consumer hasn’t even imagined yet.

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