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The trick to selling more gift cards!

On average 90 percent of American consumers purchased or received at least one gift card in 2015. Almost half of that population who purchased the gift cards physically went to the store to purchase them. The the holiday season upon us, we must strategically execute a single or multiple promotions that with entice our audience to feel the want and need to buy gift cards with us.

It is no secret that consumers can search the web to find stellar deals on gift cards to OUR establishment, many websites auction gift cards for sale at a discounted rate, this not only rewards the consumer for shopping online but, disincentives them to buy at your restaurant and in the end hurting your business.

There is hope however, in the past years we have discovered that if you are able and willing to give consumers a true incentive for purchasing gift cards with you, especially in store than your will have a much high likely hood of seeing profits grow. Incentives should entice consumers to either back to your establishment, create a feeling of respect and above of all show that you appreciate their business.

Here are a few promotions that we have seen to work in the past to expand your gift card sales!

1. Show off your personality- It’s the holidays, so invite your staff to have a little fun with gift card sales. Don’t be afraid to be corny to get their attention. Place gift cards strategically throughout your restaurant to capture their attention! Customers respond well to fun ideas!

2. Offer a food reward instead of money- Offer something that will make your consumer come back to you! Many restaurants will offer a complimentary drink, appetizer or even entree ( depending on price) to make the consumer want to purchase a gift card with you as well as have the desire to come back! It is a win win for who they are buy the gift card for and themselves.

3. Take advantage of the Internet- Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but don’t let that stop you from running your own one-day gift card sale online or in the restaurant. Go crazy and truly have your restaurant over everything for a few days! Make you consumers know exactly who you are and what you offer!

4. Provide instant gratification- The holidays are all about giving, but most consumers also enjoy a good bit of receiving, too. Offer a deal too good to miss, a 10% bounce back card for every $100 spent or a $25 card to come back in for every $100 spent. The key here is to get the attention, spend money and come back in at a later date!

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