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The Power of Empura and Stainless Steel

The reason that Empura stainless steel equipment rocks is because it’s easy to clean and performs up to the hard-driving standards of the modern commercial restaurant. The equipment is sturdy enough to handle loads which go above and beyond the normal.

One of the loudest complaints that we hear from restaurants is that they don’t have enough space. Chefs will fumble over each other in the kitchen, trying to find the right place for their items. Where do you put the industrial sized cans?

Empura’s wall shelving units are easily mounted. They can be put just above the work surface to fit all types of cans and boxes. You can fit so many things on the 72” wall shelf, and since they’re so sleek, you can put two of them together on the kitchen wall.

The worktables are great, too. It takes just a moment to set one or two of these up near the restaurant shelving, so you can take your kitchen to the next level of work. All of the components in the Empura stainless steel equipment selection are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve got some of this stainless steel equipment on sale for you over the next couple of weeks. Check it out on the site.

2016-01-30 00:00:00
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