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The Power of Customer Data

To run a successful restaurant, you need a variety of skills. It’s not simply the ones who can run the back of the house or the front of the house which keep the True refrigerators chilling our favorite foods. No, it’s a combination of everything, including the knowledge of the customers which come into the restaurant.

Like we talked about in one of our previous articles, data is the differentiator between the restaurant marketer of yesteryear and the one of today. You have an amazing amount of access to the feelings and thoughts of the people who are coming into your restaurant through the power of social media.

That knowledge can put you in better touch with the people who you want to eat in your establishment. A recent study conducted by EPFL looks at students’ motivations about eating. They studied foot traffic around a college campus in an effort to determine why students were more prone to shop in certain places.

By collecting data through the school WiFi antennas, researchers were able to determine the two biggest drives for college students and their eating habits: price and proximity. From the research, it honestly didn’t matter what type of food was being offered to the students.

This provides some insight about what you can do if you’re planning to open up a new restaurant. Make it cheap, make it somewhat satisfying, and you’ve got a successful restaurant on your hands.

Take this information and extrapolate it – if you’re looking at opening up a restaurant which caters to higher-end folks, where would you put it? Where do these pedestrians go? Or, more to the point, whose True refrigerators do they keep running?

2016-03-12 00:00:00
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