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The Moffat Turbofan Gives You Control

When I was growing up, I wasn’t worried about the quality of my oven. Baking or roasting wasn’t necessarily an exact science (to me anyway), so I didn’t need to think about getting an even roast across everything within the chamber. But commercial chefs have to worry about the level of control that they have within their oven, and that’s why they choose the Moffat Turbofan.

Tray after tray of food can get cooked in the Turbofan, something which takes the concept of convection ovens to the next level. It’s able to whip out the cakes just as easily as it’s able to take a swing at the prime rib. That versatility makes the Moffat turbofan a workhorse in restaurants across the country.

Chefs can now tell at a glance to a digital readout where the temperature rests in their oven. It’s not simply a guessing game, it can give you that type of precision that chefs everywhere crave. Precision may not be something that the home cook craves, but the professional needs to know where they stand at all times with the oven.

For those who are space conscious, the ovens themselves are stackable. Gone are the worries about where they’re going to be placed – place one, and you can put another one on top of it. This gives the freedom needed to take the kitchen to the next level.

The Moffat Turbofan is one of many convection ovens which provide delight for the chefs that use them.

2016-01-16 00:00:00
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