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The Manitowoc for your Hotel Floor

The Manitowoc ice maker brand is synonymous with quality and style. Look for the trademark snowflake on the label, and you can’t go wrong. If you’re in need of a hotel ice machine, the Manitowoc IY-0454A with ice dispenser will really help out your operations.

Long ago, guests at hotels would have to ask the kitchen to send them ice, and the price of that ice would be charged to the room. Sometimes, for just a bucket, patrons would be charged insane amounts.

We’re thankful that times have changed. Now, you can have an ice machine on every floor, allowing your workers to devote more of their time to the guests instead of running ice to patrons.

The Manitowoc IY-0454A + SFA-291 really delivers

This combination of ice and hotel dispenser is one of the standards in hotel ice machines. The display readout is very easy to read so that those who are maintaining the floors can tell at a glance how the ice machine is doing.

Not only that, but the machine and exterior are easy to clean with its stainless steel frame. A quick swipe with the towel and you’re all set to go. The water spout makes the machine more versatile.

If you’re wanting to save some money on your bills, installing this machine will help out. It produces up to 450 pounds of half cubes daily and it’s ENERGY STAR certified. Perfect for guests, perfect for hoteliers.

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