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The Magic of Cook and Hold Ovens

Cook and hold ovens allow chefs the freedom to create without having to worry about burning their creations.  These ovens are perfectly suited for beef and other meats which need to be cooked for a long time.  You can just set it and forget it, as the old saying goes.

The simplest cook and hold ovens are essentially ovens with timers that will change the temperature inside the cabinet after a certain period of time has passed.  So, if you know that something will need to cook for two hours but you won't need it for five, you can set that timer and then come back to it at your convenience without worrying about it burning.

The temperatures inside a cook and hold oven can vary.  Some cook at temperatures up to 250 degrees, where others can run the full gamut to 400 degrees.  The holding temperatures can up to 250 degrees as well.

For several of the models, you’re able to program regularly used functions.  The settings allow you to simply get it done with the push of a button making for a lot easier time in the kitchen.  The low speed fan provides even heat distribution on the product inside so not only will the item be cooked, but it will be aesthetically pleasing.

The ovens are also able to rethermalize items, which makes it a boon for those who don’t wish to purchase a rethermalizer.

The cook and hold oven does a very specific function very well, and for those who need a roaster or a rethermalizer, this is the tool that can get it done.

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