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The Fake Food Artisans of Japan

While you might want to take out the restaurant dinnerware for this, the food here is absolutely inedible. Today, we’re taking a look toward Osaka, Japan’s fake food capital. There, you can find sushi, tempura, and pizza, all made by a fake food artisan.

If there is a type of food, there is someone out there who can make it fake. Fake food is something that you see everywhere – from the sushi bars to the grocery store. It is used mostly for advertising. Customers can see what the food looks like without the chef having to make sample plates every day. Even upscale Asian restaurants may have a display case of fake foods.

Are you having trouble with your patrons not knowing or understanding what you serve? Fake food comes to the rescue by giving people an eyeful of what they can expect. Before some people can eat, they have to have some bit of familiarity – and the fake food delivers.

Artisans create the fake food with love, crafting pieces of sushi from polyurethane and coloring them with spray paint. Each piece is made with love, as the machines that are out there can’t seem to make the food look real. Is there an uncanny valley for food?

What type of marketing do you use for your food? Are there things on the menu that people just don’t’ understand? Tell us in the comments.

2015-11-25 00:00:00
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