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The Empura E-49 Refrigerator

When you’re building a kitchen from the bottom up, it’s tempting to just look at the food which you’re going to be serving, but there are many more items which need to be purchased. For instance, even if you get all of that wonderful food, where are you going to store it? You need a fridge which is sturdy, reliable, and accessible.

You might even need a place which doesn’t take up that much space, because space is always at a premium within restaurants. It’s necessary to have mobility and accessibility, and one size doesn’t fit all – it all depends on the space that you’re filling. For a good general section, however, the Empura E-49 reach-in refrigerator does the trick.

If your establishment does catering, you want to have enough room to fit sheet pans into the fridge. This definitely accommodates it. You also want to be able to transport it as best as you can – and the heavy duty casters that it’s got on the bottom are perfectly suited to the task. Combine that with having the temperature easily readable on the front, it’s made for heavy use in any kitchen.

Refrigeration is necessary to prevent spoilage, and the Empura E-49 reach-in refrigerator from Restaurant Supply is perfect for the job.

2015-07-28 00:00:00
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