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The Easiest Sink In the Place

The easiest sink in the place should be the one that you use in the kitchen the most, the one that you use to make sure your hands are washed. We recommend using the Empura EM-7PS-12-SPL sink.

The sink is a fully ‘enclosed’ type of sink unit. This means that it comes as one solid unit with a backsplash and sidesplashes welded to the sink bowl. Why is this a good thing? It means you can install it anywhere you have a working drain and water connection without worrying that sink use is going to cause soap and dirty water to splash onto things where it shouldn't.

Hand cleanliness is a high priority in any kitchen, but open sinks and vigorous scrubbing often force kitchens to put their hand sinks in out of the way places. This leads to a lot of unnecessary walking. But with this setup, you can put the sink much closer to the action.

Tell us truthfully – do you like the sink that you’re using in your restaurant? If not, consider giving the Empura EM-7PS-12-SPL sink a try. It's easily mountable to any wall, and we think you'll enjoy the difference. For more information about it, click the link or give our warehouse a call for more details.

2016-03-02 00:00:00
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