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The Best Wine Glass for Your Restaurant

     Recently, there’s been a lot of wine talk on our blog. We can’t tell if we’re just yearning for summer nights, or maybe a trip to Italy. Either way, this week’s blog topic is still all about vino. This week we focus on the perfect type of wine glass to buy for your restaurant and take you on a tour of our showroom.

     First, it’s important to note that each type of wine requires a specific type of glass. Red wine, for example, should always be served in a large glass. The bowls of these glasses are fuller and rounder which allows for you to detect the aroma of the wine when your waiter pours you a sample. A glass like our Diamond Balloon Wine Glass is an excellent example of this - it allows for enough surface area at the bottom of the glass for the flavors to unfold, and is a beautiful addition to any table. You can check this glass out here. For a house wine or for a glass that looks more casual, we recommend a wine glass on the smaller side. You will see these at mom and pop restaurants and while they still do the job of a red wine glass, they can easily fit the aesthetic of any restaurant. You can find our version here.

     A white wine’s glass is more U shaped than the cavernous bowl of red wine glasses. These glasses tend to stand a little taller, and have a distinctive and elegant look. These glasses have taller sides which allow for the aroma to be released while maintaining a chilled temperature. W e offer both tall and classic options on our website which are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. One of our favorite white wine glasses is the Libbey Tall Wine Glass. This glass is an excellent choice when serving fine wines, and can be found here.

     A cause for celebration? You need a Champagne flute. Sparkling wine adds a hint of luxury and sophistication to any menu. Champagne flutes promise an evening of cheer, celebration, and good vibes. A sparkling wine glass is more upright and narrow than other wine glasses to preserve the bubbles. We recommend going with the traditional - our Cardinal International Sommelier Champagne Flute Glass does a beautiful job of toasting the evening, and can be purchased here.

     Ah, wine season. Well, if you’re like us - wine season is year round. However, summer does call for a good rose or sparkling wine on the patio, and having the right glass makes a world of difference. Love seeing our blogs? Make sure to tune in biweekly for the latest edition!

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