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The Basic Types Of Ice

     So, you want to buy an ice machine. Not quite sure where to start? First, consider the type of ice you’ll need to make to meet your goals. This week on the blog, we’re giving you a foundation of the basic types of ice so that you can make an educated decision when purchasing your first ice machine.

     Looking for ice to display fresh meat, seafood, and other gourmet-type items? The last thing you want is a beautiful piece of fish laid out on chunky ice. For this purpose, we recommend flake ice. Flake ice is the ideal type of ice for preserving food on display because it maintains temperature for long periods of time. This type of ice can be made from many different machines, but one we love is the Scotsman Flake Ice Machine. Shop this product here.

     Our favorite ice for beverages is nugget ice. Used by many fast food restaurants, nugget ice is a type of ice that comes in small pieces. This ice takes a long time to melt which makes it perfect for keeping beverages cool for a long time. We love this ice because of its size and texture. A great machine to tackle this type of ice is the Ice O Matic machine. This machine is heavy duty, durable, and can make 85 lbs of ice every 24 hours. Check it out for purchase here.

     Lastly, half ice vs. full ice. Full ice cubes are the traditional. They are used in many commercial settings and are great for many different beverages. Half ice cubes are easier to chew, half the size, and are good for schools, retail services, and hospitality. The Manitowoc is a great machine for this type of ice, and a great version is the Full Cube Size Ice Machine with an underwater bin. Check this product out here.

     Whichever type of ice you decide to get, there truly is no wrong kind of ice! The beauty of ice is that its versatile. A great way to choose which  machine to get for your restaurant is to educate yourself on the type of ice that best fits your restaurant’s needs. Make sure to visit our website to view all of our ice machines at

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