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TGIF! Enjoy the hot summer weather with a spritz cocktail!

It's a three day holiday weekend, and people are ready to celebrate! Spritz cocktails, popular in Europe during the summer months, are making a major appearance statewide. Typically less alcoholic then a regular mixed drink, a spritz is a light, refreshing day drink which is best enjoyed on the patio. Bitter aperitifs such as Aperol and Campari form the basis of the spritz cocktail, which is also carbonated with sparkling water or sparkling wine. Add a couple spritz options to your menu and let your customers enjoy this trend during the hot summer months! Some recipe ideas are below:

aperol spritz 

Aperol Spritz:

3 parts prosecco | 2 parts Aperol | 1 part soda water | orange to garnish

Combine in a large wine glass over ice and garnish.

campari cocktail

2 parts Campari | 2 parts Prosecco | 1 part club soda | olive garnish

Combine in a rocks glass over ice and garnish.


1 part Campari | 1 part sweet vermouth | 3 parts prosecco

Combine all ingredients over ice in a rocks glass.

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