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Stock Pot Stoves are a Must for Great Soups

Every restaurant needs a stove. No fire, no cooking. But they don’t need just any kind of stove. A small home stove is the wrong tool when you need to cook a lot of food all at once. Sometimes even a standard commercial stove isn’t enough to do the job.

Take cooking stock. Reducing a stock down can be an all day job. Your chefs need a place where they can put their largest stockpot down and let the stock cook without it getting in the way of normal operations. Empura sells a special one-burner stove just for this purpose.

It’s the Empura EMHP-1HD, a one-burner heavy-duty stock pot range. This 18” wide by 24” deep stove can handle even the largest of stock pots. The three-ring burner assembly lets cooks precisely control the heat. One knob controls the outer burner to keep a stock cooking, while the second knob controls the two inner burners to get a stock quickly up to heat. A standard gas burner may not have enough oomph to really heat up a huge pot of liquid. This stove can do the job.

The stove is only 22” high with 4” legs, perfect for tucking out of the way of normal kitchen traffic. The burners are made out of cast iron while the body is made of stainless steel and has a drip pan for easy cleaning. The Empura EMHP-1HD runs off natural gas, though a propane conversion kit is available.

Don’t let your stocks rob your stove of space, or take forever to cook down. Try out a stock pot stove and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to make awesome soups.

2015-04-29 00:00:00
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