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Starting Your Own Food Truck? Read This First

One day, we’re going to find ourselves at a giant food truck celebration where all of the food trucks in the nation converge for a convention of eating, laughing, and general cavorting.  Until that time, food trucks are making a splash in cities all over the country (including here in Hartford!). 

We actively encourage anyone who wants to set up a food truck to follow their dreams.  Setting up a food truck takes a lot of the same business prowess that setting up a stationary restaurant does, perhaps with a few different challenges. The first challenge is to figure out what you’re going to sell!

  • Concept before name

If you’re going to have a food truck, nail down the concept of what you’re going to be selling first.  People tend to gravitate toward specializations, rather than Jim’s Sushi Mexican Shwarma Shack.

  • Name

Once you have the concept down and you know exactly what you’re going to sell from your truck, let it sit for a day.  When you’re approaching this with fresh eyes, you’ll most likely be more creative with your naming.

  • Research Trucks and Equipment

Survey the restaurant equipment that you believe you’ll need and take a look at the setups of other trucks.  You’ll get an idea of what works and what doesn’t work for them.  Our folks here at Restaurant Supply can help you out, as well.

These aren’t the only considerations that you have to work with when you’re considering setting up a food truck.  We’ll talk about some more ideas about setting up your food truck tomorrow.

Thanks go to Kurman Communications for the Creative Commons use of the photo.

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