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Stand out this New Years Eve

If your open on New Years Eve, and why wouldn’t you be, chances are you know the pressure of hosting a spectacular evening that will capture you guests attention and wow them throughout their dining experience. It is inevitable that every establishments with four doors and a wall will be competing for the same customers to dine and welcome in the new year with them. This being said, it becomes exceedingly important to promote your NYE’s promotions, but how exactly are you able to stand out from the crowd and execute a successful NYE party.

All steps come from within; being creative, attentive and strategic will allow you to build a night that will be remembered by all those in attention.

1 - Be Creative - If you are looking to ramp up your customer engagement and excitement developing a competition where the winner will be announced that night. Offer a complimentary champagne toast to all guest or a signature cocktail. This will capture guests attentions when looking for a place to celebrate and will surely captivate a large audience base. If you are in an area where numerous shows are playing try working with a ticketing partner. It is important to appeal to niche audiences and it is very important to make your consumers NYE experience smooth and enjoyable. Consider offering a prefixed menu, allowing your customers to eat a delicious meal in a timely manner. Guests will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and planning ahead.

2 - Focus on a niche audience - When trying to stand out from the crowd, the first thing that is important for you to do is STOP TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE. Instead of running a generic NYE event, focus on a particular demographic. This will allow you to focus on a true targeted audience, it will allow you to create an event that is much more appealing to a specific group than just anyone. Remember that the more specific your audience, the better you will be able to match the event you will promote your event to your customers interests. It will be just as profitable to market toward a niche market than the entire area your business serves.

3 - Pick the right theme - Now that you have honed on a niche market it is your job to pick a theme for your NYE event that will elevate your establishment over your competitors. A well planned evening can be devised in clever ways that can be incorporated into the dress code, food, drink, location and venue, music, entertainment, games and decor. Popular themes include James Bond, Alice in Wonderland, 80’s Rock and a plethora of other ideas.

New Years Even can become one of he most popular and successful nights. If you are able to be creative and meticulous with your planning your audience will recognize your attention to detail. We hope you have a successful NYE’s and our tips help you plan a memorable evening.

2016-12-22 00:00:00
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