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Stadium Food Quite Different at Auburn

What happens when you’ve had your fair share of the standard stadium food? The traditional finger food isn’t covering it anymore, and there’s been a push to get rid of the generic hot dog rollers in favor of the more upscale.

The challenge was put to one executive chef at Auburn, and the results are stunning. Andrew Johnson has accepted the challenge and changed the game in Auburn. This year, the football lovers are going to love on the new offerings.

A little of this, little of that has come into the Restaurant Row in Auburn. Cajun Kitchen, The Diner, The Butcher Block, and more. These new places offer a little of style and panache to people just stopping by to see an Auburn game.

Auburn has been treated to some wonderful food, because the chef has decided to “take the feature of a restaurant and make it bigger.” There’s plenty of opportunities here, whether you’re a hot dog lover or a hamburger connoisseur.

Each game has Fan vs. Food, where one of the delightful signature foods of one of the restaurants is put on display for fans. Habanero’s, a Mexican place, was working hard serving their Wholly Mole burrito – a 3 pound (!) burrito filled with plenty of burrito ingredients.

What are you doing for the next game? Are you bringing tailgate food, or are you changing the whole landscape of your stadium by demanding something new and fresh?

2015-10-01 00:00:00
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