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Spring Cleaning: Customize Your Restaurant Storage

     It’s March which means, time for spring! If you’ve already cleaned your restaurant for springtime, you may have noticed that your organization system could use an update. This week on the blog, we’re discussing ways that you can customize your storage space on a budget. We’ll also link you to some of our favorite products so that you can shop the market!

    For custom shelving, you can select shelves and posts in a variety of different configurations. There are options to choose from for vented shelves, wired shelves, or solid shelving. Different widths and depths are also available depending on your need. In addition, you can select specific coatings: green epoxy, chrome, or metal.

    Large commercial kitchen? You probably need a durable shelving solution. Invest once, and don’t think about it for another decade. We recommend our solid, wire, or vented shelving options. Some of our top products in this section include our John Boos Chrome Plated Wire Shelf, and our Metro Super Erecta Solid Stainless Steel Shelf. Our wire shelf is a best seller, and listed at only $13.99 per shelf. This breathable, easy to clean shelf comes with a one-year warranty against defect in workmanship and material, so you can feel good about your purchase. You can find it here. Our stainless steel shelf has uncoated, aluminum cast corners and a raised “ships edge” on all four sides to prevent smaller items from toppling over the side. Made in the USA, we are proud of this shelf. You can find it here.

    Own a restaurant with a liquor license? Consider purchasing a wine shelf to lock up your inventory. These shelves also come in a variety of storage capacities and include both open and enclosed models. Our most basic option is our aluminum wine shelf. This option is stackable, so it’s a great way to start building your wine inventory. This shelf features a lifetime guarantee against rust and is durable, corrosion resistant, and heavy duty. This shelf also has radius cut corners to minimize label abrasion! At just $11.99 per shelf, it’s a steal. You can purchase your own here.

New business, commercial kitchen, winery, or food truck operator? No matter what kind of shelving you require for your restaurant or business, you can find it at Restaurant Supply. Our shelves are made in the United States, and many come with a one year warranty so you don’t need to stress about investing in this purchase. Visit our full website to view all of our organization options.

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