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Spiked Ice Cubes

If you’re looking to add to your alcohol intake without physically drinking more alcohol, you can add alcohol to your ice cubes! Spiked ice cubes are a great way to counteract dilution and to add more flavor to your drinks, all while making your drink a bit stronger!

How to Make

Obviously, liquor shouldn’t freeze, but if you have the right combination of water and liquor, you can transform the mixture into an ice cube. You have to add enough water to the mixture to lower the alcohol by volume (AVP). It is recommended to use between 8% and 12% ABV when making a spiked ice cube and that two-thirds of the mixture be non-alcohol based.


Dilution can be a big problem if you have a patron who takes their sweet time when finishing their drink. You don’t want the flavor of the drink to be lost in the shuffle as the ice melts into your drink. Spiked ice cubes will make the drink stronger as time passes and who doesn’t want that!

Play around when creating spiked ice cubes and find the best way to create your ice cubes so that they will perfectly complement your drink. Your drink will evolve as you sip it!

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