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Social Distancing at Restaurants

Social Distancing at Restaurants
Social Distancing at Restaurants

If you’re not in a state that has ordered restaurants to transition to takeout and delivery options only during this coronavirus outbreak, we’ve got some social distancing tips for you to keeping your restaurant up and running!

Space out Tables

Decrease the number of tables you have inside and spread the remaining tables out to create enough space between them. If you have outdoor space available and it’s relatively warm outside, open up your patio space.  

Fresh Air

People feel more comfortable when they don’t feel confined in a space. If able to, open some windows to allow fresh air in and crack the blinds to create the feel and look of an airy space!


Fully sanitize chairs, tables, and everything at each table after every reservation. Other patrons will see you doing this and it will make them more comfortable knowing that you’re taking extra steps to be cautious.

Other Tips

  • Consider leaving the menus out for guests to take themselves, which eliminates the amount of different hands touching the menus.
  • Servers can leave the drinks at the front of the table and guests can grab them once the server has walked away.
  • Many employees socialize after their shifts and you should discourage this from happening for the time being.

While this coronavirus outbreak is creating tough times for the restaurant industry, there are steps to take that allow you to stay open – if your state allows of course – and puts your customer’s minds at ease.

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