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Size Matters When Dealing With Ice

I know you’ve probably never considered the ice you’re putting in your drinks before, but there is a fine art to the ice you choose when making drinks. Although ice is almost always a necessity in making your drink cooler, it can also dilute it and give it a watery flavor. Dilution is not always a bad thing, but picking the right ice can slow down the process.

Large Ice

When making drinks that typically take a long time to consume, (whiskey, bourbon, etc.) it’s always better to use large ice because it takes longer to melt. Larger ice usually comes in the form of cubes or spheres and makes the drink especially aesthetically pleasing.

Crushed Ice

On the other hand, crushed ice is always better served in drinks with syrups and juices (mint julep, mojito). It dilutes the drink just enough to control the taste of the syrup while still keeping the drink cool enough to enjoy. Crushed ice can also help make a drink thicker for certain types of cocktails.

Ice Shards 

Ice shards are perfect for a gin and tonic or a vodka soda, and if made completely clear, make the drink look like a masterpiece. The only downside to ice shards is that if you stir your drink too much, you risk diluting the drink too quickly. 

If you’re making your own drink at home to enjoy on a nice summer day, you probably won’t care much about the ice you’re using, but when you go to a restaurant, you expect them to have some knowledge about the type of ice they’re serving in your drinks. Contrary to popular belief, ice does more than just keep your drink cool and it’s all about the taste of the drink as well as the aesthetics.

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