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Sinks Matter Too!

I’m sure there are plenty of people that don’t even take a second thought about the sink they use every single day, but I’m here to let you know that the type of sink you use in your restaurant is important! Obviously, a sink is used for food prep and to keep the equipment and your hands clean, but what sink is best for your restaurant? Some popular commercial sinks include the under bar sink, the drop in sink, and the sink bowl.

 Under Bar Sink

 These sinks are usually narrower than other popular sinks and these sinks usually contain compartments and have a board on each side to help dry washed items. These sinks give the bartender the ability to quickly and efficiently wash and dry bar glasses. 

Drop In Sink

 These sinks are pertinent in meeting health standards and codes. Typically, drop in sinks have three to four compartments for washing dishes. They range in height, width, and length to make for easier installation into your restaurant.

Sink Bowl

 These are generally welded into a stainless steel table and will out-last many other types of sinks. Sink bowls come in a variety of sizes allowing for you to find the perfect space to incorporate the sink into your restaurant.

 Who knew that the type of sink you install into your restaurant matters or that they have different uses? With cleanliness being at the forefront of any successful restaurant, picking the right sink can go a long way. Good thing we have all the sinks mentioned above and more on our website at:

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