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Should you open or close?

It may be hard to imagine but, Thanksgiving is only a little over a week away. Most consumers have started to buy food items in preparation for their lavish dinner parties they will through, stocking up on beer/wine and spirits and even rent the extra chairs needed to host the entire family.

What happens though for those that do not wish to spend hours and hours cooking for what seems to be twenty minutes of cramming as much food in ones mouth as possible? Do they look to attend a celebration at a relatives house? Or do they look for alternative answers such as going out to eat at their favorite restaurants?

Shockingly enough, it has become more and more popular to dine out on Thanksgiving and have a restaurant do the cooking, serving and cleaning. In the past five to ten years opening on Thanksgiving has become a normal occurrence, many of the most loyal customers may even expect you to be open for their enjoyment.

As an owner you must however ask is it right? Is it right to open your doors on a day founded on family and togetherness? A day that many of your staff members may resent working on? A day that yes may bring your establishment some incremental revenue but, in the end is it worth it? It is a decision that you must look at and gage together with your partners and managers. Understand if there is a true need to open your days on the holiday and also inquire to see if there are enough employees willing to cover the shifts needed to properly serve your guests.

It is truly a decision that you must think about and one that you must then also understand the ramifications if you are open. It may very well be that the area in which your establishment is located dictates that your restaurant should be open and if open will generate large sales numbers. In others is may be the complete opposite and the community you are situated in may frown on you for opening and making your staff members work.

One idea that we have come across is this. Offer a catering order that can be picked up the day prior to thanksgiving at the the restaurant to guests who may not want to cook. Price it accordingly so that you maintain a low food cost and high profit margin. You can price it by the number of turkeys or by the number or guests you are looking to serve. Either way, this option allows for your restaurant to grow profit without increasing labor cost and with out making your employees work on a holiday.

No answer is correct to this matter and we respect everyone who does open, stays closed and those who deliver. It is everyones dedication to excellent food and service that makes our line of work so special!

2016-11-15 00:00:00
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