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Seven Tips for Food Photography

Want your restaurant’s Instagram to stand out from all the others? Follow these easy tips & tricks to make your feed shine! Get That Angle - The key to a great shot is getting the right angle. Try a variety of angles, & different vantage points to see which one suits your dish best. Always keep it interesting. Light Is Key - The right lighting will either make or break your shot. Natural lighting is always best, but have fun playing with lighting until you get a shot you like. Avoid random shadows which can be distracting & unprofessional. Tell A Story - A photo is worth a thousand words & photography is all about telling a story. Play with the set up of the shot (i.e. how do you fill the frame, what’s around the plate or table setting, what are the ingredients in the dish?) Background Check - The subject should be the main focus not the background. Select something that complements the tones & colors of your food, and matches the style of your product/brand. Get Creative - Think outside of the box & keep your followers interested. Play with locations, close-ups, & even video! Add Ons - Take your feed to the next level with other photo applications to collage, create memes, double exposures etc. The ap store is your oyster! Engage Followers - The best way to build your brand is to engage your customer. Encourage followers to snap food pics & tag your account. Create photo competitions, hashtags, & share behind the scenes content. It will make your customers feel extra special, increase followers & most importantly it’s FREE advertising for you.

2017-03-13 00:00:00
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