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Sandwich Shop Switches to Soda

When you’ve got a passion, there’s nothing that stands in your way, and Bill King has a passion. He had a thriving sandwich shop, (which we hope was stocked with True Deli cases) that he recently shut down in favor of more liquid passion: soda.

Chances are, it started as an experiment. He decided to make a little soda for his sub and ice cream shop. That love of soda evolved to the point where those sodas were the “main reason why people came to the store.” It was only natural that he would take the next step and shift his business focus into that.

Now, Mr. King is looking for a permanent residence for his burgeoning soda empire. His company, Doggone Good Soda, makes sarsaparilla, strawberry, grape, red currant, and plenty of other sodas for consumption. He’s also able to create private label soda so that others can get into the soda game.

Giving up the True deli cases isn’t all bad. Mr. King is following his passion, looking for ways to sell his soda to the market. He’s got these sodas at specialty retailers and online, and they’re catching on with the others in his field. Does your restaurant have Doggone Good Soda in it?

2015-09-30 00:00:00
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