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Saf-T-Ice System Keeps Ice Clean

Have you ever heard of a restaurant that got closed down because of slime in the ice machine? Ice machines and ice bins get contaminated easily, and workers are often careless about cross contamination issues. One company has come up with an ingenious solution for cleanly retrieving ice from a bin.

San Jamar has a product called the Saf-T-Ice Tote. The main components are an ergonomic bin and a new kind of ice scoop. The ice scoop has guards to keep workers from accidentally touching the ice and a holster that can go either inside or outside of the bin. These holsters expose the scoop to air for fast drying.

The bin has several ergonomic features. It hangs off the rim of the ice bin for easy filling. It also has an ergonomic handle. The clear bin is dishwasher safe and can carry up to 25 pounds of ice at one time. It also comes with a hook so it can be hung upside down on the side of the machine between fills. Need more than 25 pounds at a time? We also carry the Saf-T-Ice Cart. It is a dolly that can hold two of the bins at once.

With all these features, the San Jamar Saf-T-Ice system is a great way to help keep your ice bin clean and your ice sanitary from accidental contamination. Whether you have a bar or need to fill up a drink machine constantly, we’re sure this product can help you.

2015-04-14 00:00:00
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