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Robot Coupe Food Processors are the Best

We’ve talked a little bit about Robot Coupe food processors in the past, but it’s high time that we give them a little bit more of the spotlight. We saw one of them in the deli section of an international grocery store yesterday, and it definitely brought a smile to our faces.

These mixers are some of the most powerful for food processing on the planet. The Robot Coupe parts are designed to last, and there are replacement parts readily available. It’s the Robot Coupe of mixers, so to speak.

This particular market was making some salsa, it looked like. We stayed for a few moments to watch the process before going back to shopping – it’s difficult not to be amazed and entranced while watching workers push lots of food into a food processor.

When the salsa came out, it looked delicious. Surprisingly, it was a little bit light on the cilantro, but it appeared to be a bit heavy on the garlic. Many delis don’t pay as much attention to the garlic as they should, so this was a refreshing turn of events. We made a note to get some the next time.

To some, the Robot Coupe food processor is their favorite piece of equipment in the shop. What’s yours?

2016-02-20 00:00:00
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