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Robot Coupe Blixer 60

When you work in institutional foodservice, you have to think big. Really big. There are thousands of you depending on you to get that soup, stew, puree, or other heavenly delight to the table, and not just anything will do. Certainly not the average, run-of-the-mill blender. That thing will peter out after the first 10 or 20 runs, and it takes all day. That’s why the big-time institutional chefs choose the Robot Coupe Blixer 60.

Take a blender and a mixer. Make them friends. Then make them big. That’s what you get in the Robot Coupe 60 – a 63 quart mixer that makes your blending easy. Need some tomato soup in less time than it takes to grow the tomatoes? Yes. There you go. How about a full stainless steel assembly mechanism? Yes, that too.

Are you working at a food bank and need to have a freshly mixed giant dough ball? This will make it for you, as it’s got a hook just for the occasion. This device makes serving thousands a whole lot easier.

16 horsepower, too. It really packs a punch at up to 3600 rpm. It’s not going to sit there and make revving noises, the Robot Coupe Blixer 60 will get the job done.

2015-08-19 00:00:00
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