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Restaurant Week Hits the Nation

It’s time to hit up the restaurant supply stores in your area because it’s restaurant week across the country! Cities all around the country, from coast to coast, are hosting restaurant weeks to put the spotlight on some of the best restaurants in their city.

This week, it’s San Diego’s turn. People from around the country are coming out to enjoy the 12th annual San Diego restaurant week. There are nearly 200 restaurants participating in the gala affair, which means that there should be something for every set of taste buds.

Participating restaurants offer up a fixed price menu to their patrons, a menu that offers some of the best that the restaurant has to offer. For instance, there’s a tavern in Woodstock, GA that offers up heirloom local pumpkin soup during their fall restaurant week.

These restaurant weeks are held during the cooler times of the year, when people are less likely to be sampling new restaurants on their own. It usually makes for a delicious time during the slow season.

We’re looking forward to reading the reports from restaurants all across the country. Are there any restaurant weeks that really strike your fancy? Let us know some info about your local Restaurant Week on our Facebook page!

2016-01-21 00:00:00
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